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This can make your online business appear more streamlined and reliable. Our partners cannot pay us to guarantee favorable reviews of their products or services. Our white-label back office solution gives you a single access point to all your sub-merchant data and account management tools. Every technology related to financial transactions should comply with certain international and local regulations. For a white label system, these are Payment Card Industry Data Security Standards (PCI DSS), Anti-Money Laundering (AML), General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), and others that differ by region.

white label payment gateway

We assign an account manager to every client, taking a personalised approach to support and utilising our 15+ years of techfin expertise. Private cloud is similar to other forms of cloud environments in that it Foreign Exchange Vs Crypto offers virtualised resources via physical components. The MMS is available to all Partners and Merchants of the Gateway; each user has independent user access, which can be configured on a permission basis.

What branding options are available?

Our editorial team delivers daily news and insights on the global payment industry, covering fintech innovations, worldwide payment methods, and modern payment options. As we mentioned earlier in this article, most of these solutions come from large companies that have been in business for many years and have perfected their processes. If you’re considering starting a business and building your brand, there’s no better time than now.

  • Magnius is a payment gateway with the ability to integrate many third-party PSPs and acquirers.
  • Our cutting-edge in-house built fraud management features help businesses protect revenues while minimizing expenses and administration costs related to fraud.
  • A license is not necessary for your line of work, but, if you act as an Introducer with your acquirer or if you are a merchant using our gateway to manage payments.
  • The right payment gateway partner is one of the keys to the company or brand’s success and growth.
  • Payment services that offer brick-and-mortar payment processing tend to be less individualized, so businesses might have to compromise or choose a separate option.
  • Most payment service providers offer checkout customization through the platform’s application programming interface, or API, which can require developer experience to use.

Read on to find out how this system works, what its strengths are, and for which businesses it can play a very important role.

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You can either build your own checkout form or customize existing templates, enabling you to have your brand colors and logo appear seamlessly throughout the payment process. Contrary to popular belief, white-label payment gateways are not just limited to big brands with more budget or startups with the “unicorn” tag. A personalized payment gateway will draw attention to your brand and its identity whenever a customer completes a payment. Be it landing on your website, browsing through different products, or paying for them, consumers will be exposed to your brand’s logo and theme throughout the entire process. Now the next time they want to buy the same product or something similar, your name will pop first in their minds.

Buying such software is much faster and cheaper than developing one from scratch. Boxopay is a specialized payment solution focused specifically on e-commerce. By choosing Boxopay you get a ready-to-use white-label solution with all the necessary functionality and customization options. Instead of hundreds of ready integrations, Boxopay makes custom integrations with acquirers, processing centers, or even Visa and MasterCard directly, if you need it. PayPipes is another company offering a white-label payment gateway platform for PSPs and acquirers.

Multiple Boarding Options

Hence, choosing the correct payment gateway provider can be crucial for the success of your business. With the increase in online sales and e-commerce businesses, the need to put a personalized touch on the customer’s journey has become vital. The relationship between sellers and consumers is dwindling because of the presence of multiple players in any industry. This has increased the competition, and using a white-label online payment gateway will give you the edge your business needs. A white-label payment gateway is basically a customizable payment gateway that allows you to place your brand’s logo and image on the payment gateway page. This personalized payment solution contains all the features that a traditional payment gateway provides.

white label payment gateway

Let’s look at a few examples by reviewing the most popular companies that offer the best-quality services. In contrast to developing a payment system from scratch, white label payment solution does not incur development or maintenance expenses, saving customers hundreds of thousands of dollars. In addition to cost savings, you also experience peace of mind because the responsibility for keeping the system up and running lies with the provider.

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Due to this, your system will not be unique among competitors, making distinguishing yourself from competitors a demanding task. Although white label systems have many customization options, it is not fully customizable. That is why businesses have limited control over the underlying infrastructure and technology of the white-label payment gateway. They provide a solution capable of processing transactions in multiple currencies and regions, allowing your business to easily expand internationally. Plus, you can expand your services to international white label credit card processing as well.

white label payment gateway

A white-label payment gateway can be a great option if you’re running a business with several verticals, each of which complements the other. Build a checkout experience which spotlights your brand and build trust with your customers with our customizable white lable payment gateway solution. With YouLend, E-Commerce platforms, technology companies, and payment service providers can offer fast and flexible funding to their Merchants. A white-label payment gateway is software for automating online payments. The main feature of a white-label payment gateway is that it is a fully functional product that does not belong to any brand. Thus, it is possible to put a label on such software and position it as your own.

What are your fees? Do you charge a monthly, per-transaction, or setup fee?

This ensures that the customer knows they are paying via a trusted source while helping to build your brand loyalty. Most companies offering white-label gateways sell them on the SaaS model. This may be a plus for a while because you don’t have to acquire your own PCI DSS certificate, but over time, as the business grows, it will become a disadvantage. You won’t be able to control your data and the existence of your business will be completely dependent on the existence of the vendor’s business. This means that you will need your own infrastructure but you will have full control over the technology, the data, the features, and the security.